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I Take a Walk

I don’t generally make resolutions.  I have in the past but like most people my motivation wanes.  Maybe the original goals were too lofty or unrealistic.  Maybe I’m just a lazy ass.  I could be just a lazy ass.   January and February are more like hibernation months for me.  It’s cold and dark.  I have seasonal affective disorder (SAD), such an appropriately named acronym and it makes me grumpy.    Earlier this January I read this post by director, Michael Moore.  After talking with some folks on twitter about going for a walk, he did just that.  He got up and went for a walk for 30 mins.  He donned his shoes and continued to walk for the next 250 days.  Wow!  He walked for no other reason than to get outside and move.  Since then he has inspired thousands to move and walk with him.  I felt inspired.  That’s when I decided I could get in on this too.  I convinced my family and out we went in the glorious sunshine on a cold winter day.  We bundled up and away we went.  No destination in mind.

My girlies are getting older.  At 11 and 14 they aren’t going to be hanging around the old folks for much longer.  I love to soak up the family moments when I can.  These are what memories are made of .  Since that day I have been going out for 30 mins walks.  Not quite everyday but that’s okay too,  it doesn’t bother me.  I am doing what I can for the sheer fact that I can and for no other reason.  Just to go out there in the cold, crisp air and breathe it all in.  It’s amazing what happens in 30 mins.   Thankfully my daughters have separately joined me on each walk.  I haven’t had to do it alone yet.  We look at the houses and seasonal lights still a glow, comment on a cool snow fort and talk about our day.  Mostly I try to listen more than talk and just take in the view and relish the company.  This year I didn’t make a resolution.  I took a walk.

Winter Walk

Winter Walk