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Sneak Peek: 1st Craft Show

vintage graphics via: graphicsfairy

I’m pretty darn excited.  I’ve been doing the creative side of Chippy Chirpy Quirky for over a year now.  I love the vintage style.  I have always been drawn to the warn and shabby.  I find old pieces so lovely and full of character.

Vintage Style • Hand Made • Unique • Repurposed & Altered Art

I find these wonderful treasures and I wondered if someone else wouldn’t like them too.  I’m doing a craft show this May 11th and I just wanted to show you a sneak peak of the kinds of things I’ve been working on.  I get my graphics from the lovely graphicsfairy They are such wonderful pieces in all their vintage charm.  The vintage servers are meant for everyday display not just dust collectors in the china cabinet.

Vintage Servers/Displays

Vintage French chocolate graphic on gingham

Vintage French postcard on toile

Vintage peacock graphic on toile

Hope you like them.  If you are local come check out the HHBF May Marketplace in support of our swim club! Chippy Chirpy Quirky will be there with bells on or maybe wine under the table…well, it is my first show.


Time for a Rearrangement

I am feeling a bit of cabin fever.  Are you feeling it too?  A little bit restless and BORED!  Spring is so close yet still so far away. Time for a  living room mini-makeover. My living room is a bit of a conundrum.  It is sunken from hall and dining room and also has a cathedral ceiling. The 2 storey windows are lovely and usually my focal point but as I said I am feeling a bit restless so time for a change.

Faux Fireplace/Bookcase

via: blogspot

Unexpected Bookcase

via: BHG

I was inspired to create a faux fireplace from some Pinterest pics. I remembered a bookcase I distressed that was in our rec room.  It was a little long but I thought it could work as my faux fireplace setting and I set about rearranging.

My version after staging and re-staging vignettes (and it now reads Live Love Laugh – it’s a family motto, not sure what I was thinking).


Butterfly Calligraphy PillowLindon Lumbar Pillow - PeacockVibrant Paisley Panel

I had purchased 2 pillows and some curtains (for my adjoining dining room) from Pier 1 and started moving furniture.

1. Chaise (originally on the wall with the bookcase) facing bookcase with love seat.


2. Chaise facing bookcase with 2 chairs.


This table behind the chaise doesn’t work but you can see the step down here. The family hated this set up and said it looks “weird” from the other side with the chaise facing the bookcase…Next!


3. Chaise and 2 chairs facing each other was actually a good option except…


…boo hiss the back of the table isn’t finished.


4. So this is where I ended up.




My little touch of Disney.


Almost forgot to show the coordinating curtains in the dining room. Now I think the dining room is too dark. Time for more changes? Yep! Always a work in progress.