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Arrrggh! A Pirate’s Life For Cancer

This past weekend I participated  in “My Sister’s” Pink Pajama Party, a dinner and fundraiser for the walk against women’s cancer.  Cancer is such a horrible, evil disease.  It affects so many people, too many people, with a stunning ripple effect.  I have seen its personal devastation.  I have been consumed by the ripples.  My sister-in-law, Joanne found the lump in her breast in 1999.  At the time she was young, healthy and was going to kick cancer’s ass. Sadly, we didn’t know it then but Joanne would not survive.  It was seven years later when the summer faded and so too did our “angel” Joanne, as her body succumbed to the ravages of a ruthless disease.

During her illness and since her death in 2006 there have been many “find the cure” related activities and opportunities I could have participated in.  I participated in very few of them.   It’s fine for other people.  It just never really sat well with me, my own personal issues.  There was one event however that I have consistently been able to do and that is “My Sister’s” Pink Pajama Party.  What makes this evening particularly special for me is the people I share it with.  My mom, is the matriarch of the group and secures us tickets every year.  I am able to attend with my fabulous sister.   Then there is my brother’s wife,  my “new” sister-in-law.   While she’s no longer “new” I have yet to figure out exactly how to describe her when I am explaining about her and Joanne.   She is one of the most gracious and kind people I know and has done so much to help us heal as a family.  Not better.  Not worse. Just different.  We are lucky enough to have her crazy, wonderful sister join us and then rounding out our unique, little, sorority is my sister’s best friend, who has been around long enough, she might as well be a sister.

Laughter is good medicine.

I feel so grateful when we get together.  We can celebrate the ones who are gone.  We can support “survivors” and we can hope for a cure.  Plus there are laughs.  Such big, belly laughs.  It’s good for the soul to laugh that much.  We have so much fun.  Who doesn’t love a theme night where you get dressed up in your pjs to go out?  Then THEY make dinner.  There is dancing and prizes and did I mention fire fighters?  Oh Yes!  There are nekked fire fighters. Well, maybe not nekkid but they dance without shirts!

This year there was a table decorating theme.  It’s amazing what you can do with a bunch of dollar store items.

Pirates Rock but cancer sucks really bad eggs.

A treasure map.

What? Pirates like pretty bows and feather, right?

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!

Of course we needed a plank! Arrgghh!

We “pillaged” other tables and stole some of their table decorations by knife point, all in good fun of course.  We even managed to nab us a fire fighter.   The table next to us was having just as much fun watching us pillage and plunder.  They decided to steal our whole centre piece… so we made them our crew!   The company was great, the evening was fun and while cancer sucks and makes me mad and I miss Joanne, I am so happy to share this special night with my “sisters”.

Oh and just  in case you thought I forgot about the firefighters…enjoy!

photo: Tina Daquano

photo: Tina Daquano

photo: Tina Daquano