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Daily Awesome = Found Keys

How does one get so much pleasure from something so simple?  The daily awesome is not so much in the technical definition of “awesome”  of expressing awe in the remarkable or outstanding but more in the informal sense, that sometimes you have to slow down and appreciate some of the common, everyday things we take for granted.

I hate that feeling when you’ve lost your keys!  You go to where they should be and grrr, gone!  So you retrace your steps.  You pat down your pockets once, twice, maybe three times a charm.  This was me this morning.  I went from room to room trying to find my keys.  I even looked in the fridge…well you never know, right?   Then it occurred to me.  No.  Did he?  He did.  The Evil Genius had left 5 minutes before me and started my car.  So no the lost keys wasn’t a great start to my day but finding them in a toasty warm car was awesome!