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Daily Awesome = Awesome

How does one get so much pleasure from something so simple?  The daily awesome is not so much in the technical definition of “awesome”  of expressing awe in the remarkable or outstanding but more in the informal sense, that sometimes you have to slow down and appreciate some of the common, everyday things we take for granted.

I’ve been writing my “awesomes” for a while now.  They started out on Facebook and I started doing them even before I heard of Neil Paricha and The Book of Awesome.  I found there was a lot of negativity on FB and I’m not going to lie, sometimes I’ve contributed to that but most of the time I’m a fairly positive person.  I think I’m more of a realist than an optimist but I managed to find something great in my day.  Not every day but most days.

I’ve noticed a trend.  There are people on my FB feed using it too.  They are finding the awesome in meaningful but small ways.  It’s not really “mine” to take credit for it but some people are also tagging me in their “awesome” posts which is kind of awesome!  Enjoy your day and I hope you can take a moment to find the pleasure and awesome in your ordinary world.