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Practice What You Preach: Tonight You Make Dinner

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day (gag!). I don’t go crazy for this holiday.  The evil genius and I try to do things for each other at other times during the year.  What did I get?  Nothing.  I’m ok with that.  Really I am.  This day is not a big priority for us and he works hard.  Like really hard, at his own business, as a volunteer for the swim club, as a present father.  I can cut him some slack.

What I didn’t feel like doing was dinner.  My youngest had a late swim schedule last night and I knew we could all have dinner together so I thought I’ll ask my girlies to make it.  They are 14 and 11 and we have tried since the beginning to prepare them for life without us. I firmly believe we are raising adults, not children.  We want them to be responsible, confident and independent women.  This doesn’t happen over night and you can’t teach it to them in a weekend or the summer before they leave for university.  So to put my money where my mouth was I thought they were ready for a challenge.

I was at work and texted my oldest “I want you and your sister to make dinner tonight.”  The response, “Okay.”  That was it.  I guided them to a meal I wanted them to prepare. They were on their way.  After some questions like, “how many potatoes do I use?” and “how do I cook them?” (insert face palm here) I gave them some options then said I would be driving so I couldn’t text. They were on their own.  They needed to figure it out.


I came home to a meal cooking and the dining room table set.  The ham had not been started.  They googled “How to cook a ham” and only came up with tips not temp and time (note: need to work on their google skills).  So I made them get the package out of the garbage and calculate the weight and convert the time for cooking.

They continued to prepare the meal and set out the appetizers I brought home, some cheese and fresh bread.  The evil genius came home from work and we were getting close to go time.  They put everything in bowls and placed it on the table.  We enjoyed a lovely meal and then the evil genius cleaned up.  It was absolutely wonderful.  We toasted to our family.  They truly are the reason for my full heart on Valentine’s Day and everyday.