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chip•py:  a time-worn patina.
chirp•y:  cheerful and lively.
quirk•y:  a peculiarity of behaviour,  or unexpected traits.

I am slightly creative.  I say slightly, because I have no real discernible talent.  I  like  to write.  I like to paint furniture.  I like to decorate my home.  I poke through thrift stores and antique markets.  I have always been drawn to vintage pieces and enjoy incorporating or re-purposing some of those things for my home.  I also have things to say.  We may not always agree and that’s okay.  There’s always wine!  I wanted a bigger forum to display my crafty/creative endeavours and a bigger voice to express some of my opinions.  I’m hoping this blog has a bit of everything Chippy Chirpy Quirky.  Welcome to my ride.



You can even follow me on twitter ~ https://twitter.com/chipchirpquirk

  1. Signed up and ready to follow! Way to go sister!

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