Daily Awesome = Llamas and Centaurs

How does one get so much pleasure from something so simple?  The daily awesome is not so much in the technical definition of “awesome”  of expressing awe in the remarkable or outstanding but more in the informal sense, that sometimes you have to slow down and appreciate some of the common, everyday things we take for granted.

What goes through your mind while driving? Mine is a strange mix of things I have to do, where I’m going and apparently too many fantasy movies! Driving into work today I saw a black llama cross the road. It looked like a rather small llama, all black with four stubby legs and tall neck. Then as he (because it never occurred to me that it would be a she llama) crossed the road he disappeared in front of the cars ahead of me.  

As he emerge on the other side of the cars he turned into a centaur. Definitely a male looking centaur (so I was obviously correct in my original male llama assumption). By this time I am laughing to myself.  Now in all seriousness I knew it wasn’t an actual llama or a centaur.  As I got closer the guy in a black shirt and his black dog finally got to the other side of the street and divided into two separate entities. I thought how interesting it is what people can see. Fact or Fiction? I saw both a llama and a centaur today. Awesome!

White centaur Women's T-Shirts

PS – I was wearing my glasses, perhaps they need a good cleaning.


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