Craft Show: Boom, Bust or Bonus

I participated in my first craft show this past weekend. It was part of a fundraising effort for my daughter’s swim club so I thought it would be a nice, non-threatening way to ease into the world of craft shows.

I was right, it was great. I was nervous when I arrived. I had been working for weeks getting my wares ready and I had waaaaaaaaay more shit stuff than anyone else. I was told by a few of the other vendors that I had the best table set up = Bonus.  I thought that was a great compliment for my first show.  My very first sale was to my…Mom. Of course it was. Way to go Moms of the world that still support their children even in the tiny, little side projects they do.  Moms rock and mine = Boom. I was thinking she would be my one & only sale = Bust, until later in the day when a I had a few more. I was able to earn back the money for the table I rented plus a little more = Bonus!

I learned so much from the other vendors. They were very friendly and so open to giving me tips and suggestions or just talking about their experiences. It was a low traffic day. I chalk that up to a learning experience for the club, this being the 1st year of this event and the need to build momentum for the future. Would I do it again? I would! Do I need to figure out a better way to transport all my crap crafts? I sure do but it’s a learning curve like anything else. I also need a studio other than my dining room table to do all my work. My family might like it back.

Now I just need to find another event to sell my wares. I’ll keep you posted.


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