No Spring Crafty Therapy

I am still feeling the lingering effects of a long, long winter.  We are so spoiled aren’t we? It was warmer than usual last winter with little snow so this year we are all complaining, me right along with everyone else. I wrote about how grumpy I had become as I responded to too many tweets and Facebook statuses that were driving me crazy. I wrote about it here. I also said I felt I need to be more creative with my time and I have tried to follow my own advice.

I got a “real” camera, a digital SLR in the summer but I didn’t know how to use it very well so I’ve spent some time researching and learning about light and aperture. I purchased some flowers to push spring along – some lovely, fragrant hyacinths and puffy, sweet hydrangeas – and I took out my spray paint and decided to attempt some of those simple craft ideas I have been accumulating on Pinterest.  Take a look.


The Inspiration

I’ve been wanting to do my version of the above for a while. It looks so shabby and warn but I love how the pop of colour really transforms the glass.

I started by cleaning a “regular” Crown Royal glass bottle and pained it with two coats of burnt umber.  Above pic is the first coat and then left it to dry overnight.

I spray painted a few light coats of Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze on the glass until covered but not the lid. And yes since it’s winter early spring I have to paint in my garage and then let things dry in in the laundry room with the fan on. Such a glamorous life of a crafter.

After about an hour when the paint was dry to touch but not cured I sanded with a sanding sponge. I thought I would need to glaze over it but a great amount of the burnt umber showed through and I was able to get some great textures. I was glad the brown paint adhered to the bottle. I was worried the whole thing might sand right down to the glass.


I added a little silver crown to match the cap – it was actually a pink plastic crown left over from when the girlies were little. I can still find unexpected objects when I open a drawer – so random. I’m pleased with how this little project worked out. We all know sometimes our adventures don’t always turn out they way we envision them.

I’ve grown quite attached to birds. I don’t want to over do it in my decor but I thought the little dude above and his friend that I bought from the dollar store screamed spring. I love the look of shabby chic ceramic birds so I bought these two “uglies” to see what I could do to release their potential cuteness and incorporate them into my home.

I used Rustoleum Gloss White this time and sprayed light coats until covered. This little guy had blue feathers (as opposed to the bird pictured above with brown) and again after an hour or more of drying time I took my sanding sponge to him to shabby him up a little.

I think he looks quite distinguished and perfectly at home perched on my faux mantle.

Here is his little buddy.

I painted this little fellow apple green. I think he looks so handsome now and will be a welcome addition in my guest bathroom. For only $2.00 ea. and with paint I already had on hand I thought, ‘not bad for a weekend’s work.’

So is it SPRING yet????


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  1. I love the bottle!!

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