I’m Published on YMC! So Read Me.

Hey Canadians who grew up in the 80s, remember VJ Erica Ehm?

Much Music VJs (Erica far right) circa 1984

Yes that Erica Ehm from Much Music TV. She’s now just a “regular” mom, running her own on-line magazine, the YummyMummyClub.ca.  Cool!  They have regular bloggers but accept outside contributions from their members.  I submitted a letter to their magazine that I wrote to my local MPPs and Director of Education re:

We Don’t Need Locked Doors In Our Schools

They published it.  Cool!  Well, I thought it was anyway.  Check it out and leave a comment whether you agree or disagree.  A healthy dialogue is really needed.  We need to reaccess why we are so fearful as a culture in what is likely the safest time in our society’s history.

Also if you are interested you can read the response to my letter from the Direct of Education and the Minister of Education.


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  1. You are so AWESOME Great job Kim

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