Daily Awesome = Conversation

How does one get so much pleasure from something so simple?  The daily awesome is not so much in the technical definition of “awesome”  of expressing awe in the remarkable or outstanding but more in the informal sense, that sometimes you have to slow down and appreciate some of the common, everyday things we take for granted.

I’m busy. Your busy. We’re all busy. There is never enough time it seems and most of it is by our own doing if we are really honest with ourselves. Every once in a blue moon the  Evil Genius and I get time to reconnect. Last night we had a CONVERSATION. You know that thing you do when you actually talk with someone not just at them. I think it really goes a long way in the maintenance of a marriage.  


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  1. LIKE
    Sometimes we get caught up talking with all around us We forget the ONE we love the most
    and who loves us the most
    Joe and I are at opposite ends of our working schedules Since Feb
    We could go a week without talking or even seeing each other
    He works Nights I am now full time 8-4 and some nights on weekends and Mid week
    He has taken an initiative to show up on my Lunch Hour
    Sometimes to take me out and most times to sit with me in the van and just talk
    I love our stolen lunches
    He even left Megan at home this week
    He told her Mom and Dad time
    Life is so Hard
    Our relationships deserve this little bit of happiness I take them where they come

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