When Your Child IS Awesome!

So I wrote here about my children not being awesome just for showing up or just because they think they are awesome.  Now what do you say when you have a child who actually IS awesome at something?

I was never very “good” at anything in particular.  I considered myself athletic because I could run and jump but I didn’t make the volleyball team and for most years I was second string on the high school basketball team. I suppose my grades were above average but I didn’t win any awards.  I put myself out there, I tried different things and I have some good, maybe even great memories of these experiences.  I wasn’t even close to awesome.

My big girlie has had her share of disappointments.  She’s not the best basketball player or the strongest singer but she is a strong swimmer.  She has some talent (say coaches, not me) but didn’t want to commit to the long hours of training (they are long) and stopped club swimming at the end of grade 7.  Now she’s in grade 9, joined the high school swim team and is having some success in the pool.  Swimming is a “strange” sport in that it’s mostly individual events. You practice as a team but compete as individuals and it’s all on you, the successes and the disappointments.

My Kid Can FLY! via:explodingdog.com

Today my daughter had an AWESOME day in the pool.  She was 1st in 100FR and 1st in 50FLY and the 4x100Relay team she swam with came 2nd.  This is great stuff.  Am I proud? Absolutely!  Am I bragging?  Absolutely not!  She has earned any kudos all on her own by sweating through every stroke (yes they sweat in swimming), every early morning practice and swimming her butt off today to make PBs (personal bests).  These events qualify her for OFSSA – the big time – the secondary school provincial championships in early March.  So today I told my child she was awesome.


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  1. It is of course “awesome” and so congratulations are in order. WTG A.
    Good luck at OFSSA.

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