Retail Therapy: Ikea Dreaming

Got a little flyer in the mail.  I’m itching to do some Ikea shopping/browsing.  I haven’t been in a long while.  I like to go by myself.  I can wander for hours.  HOURS!  I like to look and imagine where I could use something.  I get new decor ideas as well as ideas for rearranging my furniture at home (which my evil genius hates).

I’m creating (in my mind) a nautical theme for our Rec Room.  I’d like to add a few of these little cuties.

MÖRKT Lantern for tealight IKEA Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

These mirrors are all over the blogshere with such a variety of interpretations.  Not bad for $19.99 I could buy two.

UNG DRILL Mirror IKEA Can be used in high humidity areas. Safety film  reduces damage if glass is broken.

And if I did buy two I have something like this in mind for our ensuite bathroom.  It’s really ready for a reno but a mini makeover may just have to do.

More cuteness for a shabby chic look  in these roses and floral candles.  I can see them in a little trio on the tub.

DRÖMLIK Scented candle in pot IKEA When the candle has burned itself out, the pot can be used as a tealight holder.

I’m pretty sure I could find all kinds of uses for these containers.  I’ve even seen them converted to pendant lights. Cool!

I’m just amazed how much I can find at Ikea that’s much more to my traditional style – like vintage looking nature and botanical posters.

BILD Poster IKEA Motif created by Maria Mendez.

Oh and I’ve wanted a pair of theses chairs for a long time.  I think they’d look fantastic in my kitchen or with a with a cozy throw in the living room.

BYHOLMA/MARIEBERG Armchair IKEA Handmade piece with soft, rounded shapes and nicely detailed patterns. Each piece of furniture is unique.

Now all I need is some money and time to go!  Not gonna happen but hey dreaming on a cold winter’s day is also what like to do.  Where do your day dreams take you?


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  1. This is exactly what I like to do as well. maybe not as creative as you – but love the browsing at Ikea.

  2. I have been looking in the Ikea flyers, catalogue and website and I am seeing how in line all of their items are with my montessori classroom (which is a BRAND NEW philosophy to me)! I could do some damage to the Visa at Ikea!!
    I love that mirror. You could so easily change the look of it to fit in any space simply with a can of spray paint.

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