Proud Mama Moments

When are you most proud of your kids?   We all want what’s best for our kids.  We all want them safe and secure and we want success for them.  I am certainly no different but I think sometimes I am just as proud during the moments when they are not necessarily doing things well or being as successful as they want.

Truthfully I think this is something we are missing in our current society of not wanting any harm, physical or mental to come to our children.  The ability to let them fail, falter, mess up and not come to their rescue is building essential life skills.  I try very hard to incorporate this into my children’s lives.  I don’t get them up in the morning any more or make their breakfast and if they forget their homework, oops! Oh well.  Earlier this week, my swimmer girl did not have a  great weekend at the pool.   She still amazed me though with her ability to overcome the upsets and disappointments that unrealized expectations can have to finish the weekend on a positive note with a final, strong race.  I was a proud mama.

During this same weekend my oldest daughter, my big girlie had her own set of disappointments.  She decided to audition for the youth company of our local musical theatre group.  She has had some experience in theatre through local camps and activities and loves to sing and dance.  She practised a song she had done before and even though suffering a cold she decided to go ahead with the audition.  In front of people.  Singing!  I don’t know about you but this is not something I would expose myself to.  Big girlie knows she’s not the strongest singer and after the auditions she thought her chances were pretty slim.  Still she was hopeful and upbeat.  We were to hear back the next day if there were any call backs…  *crickets*  So the next day big girlie asked if I had heard anything?  The phone didn’t ring and there had been no email when we heard my niece, her cousin got a call back (yay!).   By the end of the weekend knowing callbacks had been scheduled and completed she was resigned to the fact that she didn’t make it.  Was she disappointed?  Of course. And pretty much that was it.

While I have always supported and encouraged them in things they try,  I think I was prouder in those moments knowing that my girlies survived the pitfalls and trials of life and that they did it all on their own.   I did nothing to “save” them.  Sure I offered some “maybe next time” talk but mostly they recovered on their own, knowing it wasn’t the end of the world.  Yes, this makes me a pretty proud mama.


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  1. Yes you have every right to be proud of them. Mature young girls!

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