The Psychological Edge

Our swimmer girl has really “clicked” this year in terms of initiative in controlling her own swim career (do you call it that?)   She’s 11.   She was swimmer of the month for her group in December and that just seemed to kick her into overdrive.  She has taken it upon herself to do her own dry land training.  She created her own after school program including;  jumping jacks, sits ups,  push ups, planking  and running stairs.  Who does that?  Phew!  I’m tired just typing it.  Physically the changes in our swimmer girl in less than year is amazing.  She went from a  solid, cherub faced child to a tall, lean tween seemingly over night.

This past weekend she had a swim meet and it was her final opportunity to qualify in any events for Central Regions.  Having an older sister in swimming also has advantages.  Big girlie had an aquablade, a spiffy, “high-tech” fabric swim suit (read:expensive) that she got a few years ago.  Swimmer girl was allowed to use said aquablade and pranced around the family room feeling its slippery, sleek material.   All decked out in the aquablade and team gear my swimmer girl was all set to kick some butt in the pool.

We were cheering on side lines in our fan t-shirts, sweating like usual.  It’s amazing going to a facility with ice rinks and a pool.  Other parents are in coats and boots.  We are in shorts and t-shirts.  Day 1 – a bust.  No new PBs (personal best) but on pace with some consistent times.  I was sure the psychological effect of the suit would give swimmer girl an extra little boost.  I’m pretty sure she did too.  Day 2 was the big event.  The 100FR was what  she really wanted to qualify in and again – a bust.  Man, she looked tired and even added time.  After two days of not so great swims she had one event left, the 200FR.   No, she didn’t get the time she needed but she ended up with her only PB of the weekend and a spectacularly strong finish to end the meet on a positive note, shaving almost 6 sec. off her previous time.  Afterwards she told me she knew she was being optimistic in trying to get a qualifying time that was about 10 sec from her current time but she went for it anyway.  After what could have been a disappointing weekend my swimmer girl never ceases to amaze me with her sunny attitude.  I think her brain is wired with rainbows and unicorns.


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