We Don’t Need to Lock our Doors!

The following is an email I sent before Christmas to my local MPPs and the Director of Education at our local school board in response to Premier McGuinty’s announcement of a “locked door policy” at all elementary schools in reaction to the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut this past December.  It was also forwarded to the Minister of Education by one of the MPPs.


 It is with a heavy heart I write to you concerning Mr. McGuinty’s decision to implement a “locked door policy” in all elementary schools in Ontario.  I am horrified and deeply saddened by the events that occurred at the Sandy Hook school in the USA but I feel this policy is just a gut reaction, “we have to do something” to placate the masses, than to actually keep our children safe.  I do not honestly believe the children of Ontario or Canada are really in jeopardy.  There is little you can do to prevent a random act of senseless violence because it is just that, RANDOM and SENSELESS.  These types of things while unbelievably tragic, are rare.  Rarer than rare.  I understand that people feel absolutely helpless against this kind of thing so “something” seems better than nothing but it is just feeding the safety-obsessed frenzy that is current and ever present in our society.

This is absolutely the wrong message we should be sending; “Your children were unsafe before and now they are safer”.  If this is really for the safety of our children then it would lead me and children to believe they were unsafe before.  They weren’t.  Not in Ontario.  Isn’t crime down in this country?  Aren’t actual child abductions by strangers rare?  Not that I do not believe it couldn’t happen here.  Quite the contrary, I do believe it could happen ANYWHERE.  You can not live life in fear of all the “what ifs”.  I do not want my children growing up in a police state.  We DO NOT need armed guards or locked doors on our public places.  This is CANADA not Israel or Northern Ireland or even the United States.  I truly believe this mentality only perpetuates the misinformation and misguided notion that our children and our country are unsafe.

Who are we trying to keep out?  Random people?  So now everyone is a threat?  Again, if this is about safety then where are the bullet proof glass doors and windows on every school?  What’s next razor wire and cement blocked in walls at recess?  Elementary kids are STILL let outside EVERYDAY are they not?  So if they are safer inside their locked-in community how long before they are not even let outside?  That is ridiculous right, but where does it stop?  Our society is so afraid of everything, of germs, of chemicals of strangers and now homicidal maniacs with guns.  This is incredibly poor risk assessment.  They are not realistic fears. I don’t expect my one letter to change anyone’s mind about these locked doors but I do want you to know not everyone is afraid.  It was only about 2 years ago our previous principal, announced there would be locked doors.  Before I was even able to say anything there was a public out cry in our community. It didn’t happen.  We want access to our children, not have them locked in like a prison to protect them from mysterious and elusive “bad guys”.  Locked doors did not prevent this terrible massacre. It still happened despite locked doors.  Horrible things have ALWAYS happened.  They will continue to happen.  We can not stop them but we can not live in fear of them.  Our children are safe.  Not perfectly safe because no one ever is, but safe.  

Because I DO NOT want to end up here at my child’s elementary school where no one is allowed to hold the door open for anyone:http://www.freerangekids.com/post-traumatic-stupidity-syndrome-for-safety-do-not-hold-the-door-open-for-the-parent-behind-you-at-drop-off/ 

And the over reactions just keep coming: http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2012/12/this_weeks_over.html                                                                                               

I find it quite disturbing that our government can conjure up $10-MILLION dollars for the “safety” of student over the threat of something that happened in another country.  What do you think?  Why are we so safety-obsessed?  Have our children been unsafe without locked doors?


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  1. As noted, the doors were locked at Sandy Hook School that day according to reports. What’s their next brilliant $10 million dollar idea

  2. Jayne Leuenberger

    This is a well written argument, with many valid points that I agree with.
    The issue of safety is not something that can be fixed with blanket policies. Each community has different issues, some are naturally safer than others. Yes, horrible things happen everywhere, but there are some neighbourhoods where there is a higher probability that horrible things will happen.
    Each community needs to put in place the safety protocols that are necessary for their school. These should be made in consultation with the police, the public, social services, and school staff. The government should then provide funding if new protocols are thought to be necessary.
    As in all areas on education, one size does not fit all. Funds she be used wisely and not as a Province Wide knee jerk reaction to something that has happened.

  3. Very well written. We’d all feel safer with this message than with locked doors!

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